History of the Church ( Constitution)

Reformation, by definition, is a formation over again, a matter of returning something to its original form or condition.

In the case of the church, re-formation involves restoring beliefs and practices which have drifted away from the norms of God’s authoritative Word—the Holy Scriptures—back into conformity with the teachings and practices God intends us to follow as He revealed them in the Bible.

Council of Reformed Churches of India is one of a growing number of Reformed in Theology (Presbyterian / Episcopal , combination of Presbicapolian) churches! As a new denomination of caring independent Churches and individuals located in India, we have committed ourselves to live Biblically, according to the great Reformation principles of “Christ Alone, Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone, to God’s Glory Alone!

Council of Reformed Churches of India was started in 2009 by Arch Bishop Rev. Vijay Raju along with few Key leaders to assist and provide an umbrella for Independent churches / untrained Pastors and Organizations.

The membership has grown to many hundreds of Churches, for ecclesiastical relationship with other Independent Churches/ Missions and Pastors in India, the partnership was emerged to form a New Denomination and was registered with Government of India on 1st August 2015.

Arch Bishop Vijay Raju was consecrated as Arch Bishop by The Most.Rev.Dr Stephen Vattappara, Metropolitan of Anglican Church of India, The Most Rev.Dr. Duraisingh James, Metropolitan of Communion of Episcopal Evangelical Churches along with other Bishops from Episcopal Denomination on 12th September 2016.

CRCI has adopted Ecclesiastical Episcopal rights & Authority of government and Reformed in its Theology.

At present CRCI have more than 3000 churches  as members in the State of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana and Chhattisgarh