As part of the “one, holy, and apostolic Church,” the identity of Council of Reformed Churches of India  goes beyond culture, race, language, time and space. The Church can be compared to a river that originates at the foot of Christ’s cross. For 2,000 years, this river has flowed through the centuries, creating many streams of the one true Christian faith. Many of these have contributed to our expression of faith.

Our Constitution

The Council of Reformed Churches of India is Council of churches which confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures and therefore seek to fulfil together their common calling to the glory of one God,Father,Son and Holy Spirit, and also other churches which affirm the same faith

Council of Reformed Churches of India was Started in 2009 by Arch Bishop Rev.Vijay Raju along with Few Key Leaders to assit and provide an umbrella for independent churches/untrained Pastors and Organizations.

The membership has grown to many hundreds of churches, for ecclesiastical relationship with other Independent Churches/Missions and Pastors in India, The patnership was emerged to form a New Denomination and was registered with Government of India on 1st August 2015  

In India, More than 90% of Pastors are untrained and are not ordained legally,a group of Pastors along with Rev.Dr.G.Vijay Raju prayed to train and equip Independent Pastors and Ordain them legally according to the Constitution of India and provide them a foundation to become self-supported,Self-governed churches under Council of Reformed Churches of India 

In Concern of the Expansion of the CRCI and need of training Pastors and local church growth, Rev.Dr.G.Vijay Raju was concentrated as Arch Bishop for Council of Reformed Churches of India on 12th September 2016, along with 5 Regional Bishops and 70 Pastors were Ordained by Metropolitian of Anglician Church of India and Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.

Today We Have ordained 1000+ Pastors and 9 Bishops in 3 States of India and have more than 3000 individual Church Membership, Across Andhra Pradesh,Odisha and Telangana , We have invitation from the other states too for expanding the work of Council of Reformed Churches of India.

Council of Reformed Churches of India is one of a growing number of Reformed (Presbyterian/Episcopal, Combination of Presbicoplian) church! As a new denomination of Caring independent Churches and inviduals located in India,We have committed ourselves to live biblically,according to the great Reformation principles of “Christ Alone,Scriptures Alone,Grace Alone,Faith Alone,to God’s Glory Alone!

"CRCI Has Adopted Ecclesiastical Episcopal rights & Authority of Governement and Reformed in its Theology"


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